Stanley Park: The Festival of Britain Trees


The Festival of Britain took place in the summer of 1951 and celebrated the nation’s recovery after WW2. Located mainly on the South Bank of the Thames at Lambeth in London, the site was developed from old Victorian industrial buildings and railway sidings. New structures were built to house exhibitions exploring Britain’s landscape, the British character, British industry and science.

Although the Festival took pride in Britain’s past, most of the exhibits looked to the future. Science and technology featured strongly. In one of the pavilions, many Londoners saw theimage004ir first ever television pictures.

Blackpool’s commemorations of the Festival of Britain included the planting of the trees in Stanley Park.

Each of the trees has a plaque set on a small stone associated with it. All are presented ‘In Commemoration of the Festival of Britain 1951’.

(Poster & General information about the Festival of Britain was extracted from

Listed in approximate order:

  Tree Name In English Presented by: Photo
1. Olmus Stricta Wheatleyi Jersey Elm Blackpool Chamber of Trade  image006
2. Quernicus Pendulata English Oak The Blackpool Co-operative Society  image008
3. Prunus Serpulat Shirofugen Double Pink Cherry Pelham Mount Club  image010
4. Taxus Baccata English Yew The Blackpool Girl Guides Association  image012
5. Quercus Pedunculata English Oak Blackpool and District Boy Scouts Association  image014
6. Stone but Plaque Missing  image016
7. Stone but Plaque Missing  image018
8. Stone but Plaque Missing  image020
9. Prunus Lannesiana Erecta Pink Cherry Blackpool & District Caledonian Association  image022
10. Pyrus Aucuparia Mountain Ash Blackpool Gentlemans Highland Band James Macfarlane  image024
11. Pyrus Malus John Downie Ornamental Crab Blackpool Afternoon Townswomen’s Guild  image026
12. Stone but Plaque Missing  image028
13. Broken Stone and Plaque missing  image030
14. Prunus Cerasifera Pissardii Purple Leaf Plum The Blackburn and District Association  image032
15. Acer Davidii Maple Player’s Welfare Association  image034
16. Prunus Cerasifera Pissardii Purple Leaf Plum National Union of Public Employees Blackpool and District Branch  image036
17. Badly damaged hidden stone.  image038
18. Damaged and part hidden stone  image040
19. Part hidden Stone  image042
20. Prunus Serrulata Hizakura Double Red Cherry St John Ambulance Brigade(Blackpool Ambulance & Nursing Divisions  image044

Map of Stanley Park (Extracted from:


Sept 2014

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