Local Visits: The Fleetwood Trawler ‘Harriet’

Visit Date:                      03 June 2014
Place Visited:                Fleetwood Museum:  FD111  I.V. ‘Harriet’
The last sailing trawler to operate from Fleetwood.
When was it built?       1893 by Singleton Brothers, Fleetwood.
For what purpose was it built?      Inshore Fishing

Interesting Facts:

  • Registered as ‘FD111’ IV – (Inshore Vessel, upto 15 m long and capable of fishing upto 40 from shore).
  • Fishing Smack, built 1893 by Singleton, Wyre Dock, Fleetwood; Rigged as a Ketch
  • Recorded with the National Historic Fleet in 05/09/1996, (Updated  06/04/2011) Certificate No 638.
  • Initially Sail driven, later diesel engined
  • Vital Stats:  Overall Length: 63.97 feet (19.51 metres) Beam:  16.30 feet (4.97 metres) Depth: 9.0 ft;  Official Number: 89709; Gross Tonnage: 42  Rig: Ketch
  • Chronology
    • 1893:     Completed by Singleton Brothers, Fleetwood for Henry Leadbetter, 44 Kent St, Fleetwood (Richard Leadbetter, manager) as HARRIET. Built as a sister smack to MARGARET
    • 2/10/1893:         Registered at Fleetwood (FD111).
    • 5/12/1905:         Sold to Henry Leadbetter & William Leadbetter, Fleetwood
    • Pre 1924:     Sold to Mark Leadbetter, 36 Belmont Road, Fleetwood
    • 1929:            Same.
    • 1930             Fitted with a semi-diesel auxiliary engine
    • 19/3/1930:    Re-registered at Fleetwood as auxiliary motor.
    • 1937:           Owner David Helm, Fleetwood.
    • 194?:           Sold to George W. Fletcher, 22 Whinfield Ave, Fleetwood.
    • 1943            New engine fitted, sails removed and masts shortened
    • 1948:           Owner David Helm, Fleetwood & George Fletcher, Fleetwood.
    • 1977/78       Ceased fishing. Sold to Mrs Josephine Barner, Little Langdale,
      Cumbria.     Converted and moored at Millom, Cumbria as a hostel
      and day centre for handicapped children
    • 1994            Dramatically altered to provide better facilities for the children for
      BBC TV programme ‘Challenge Anneka’
    • 1995            Boat declared unsafe
    • 1998            Returned to Fleetwood Museum for restoration
    • 2009            Since June 2009 HARRIET has undergone some restoration work,
      under controlled supervision alongside conservator, John Kearon
      (from Liverpool). She has been allowed to dry out slowly and
      some of her excess ballast has been removed as it was too heavy
      for the boat.  Opened to the public.
    • 2010:          Sold to Fleetwood Museum and is on display to the public.

Harriet FD111 outbound. Picture courtesy of E V Todd
Harriet FD111 outbound with Ida and William & John FD162. Picture courtesy of E V Todd
Harriet FD111

Sources & Further info:

Jun 2014

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