Local Visits: Thornton Station

Visit  Date:                            03 June 2014
Place Visited:                       Thornton Station (Preston & Wyre Railway)
When was it built?              1927 To a standard design, the same as the station at St Annes on Sea.
For what purpose was it built?    To provide a transport link for the burgeoning tourism of the new developments in Fleetwood, North Blackpool resorts and the commercial industrial freight demands of the area.

Interesting Facts

  • image002Thornton Station (originally ‘Cleveleys Station’, later called ‘Thornton for Cleveleys’), is a station on the now disused rail link between Fleetwood and Preston, opened in 1840 and closed to passengers in 1968. Freight used the line until 1980.
  • In 1835, a group of business men and developers representing the principal interests formed the ‘Preston & Wyre Railway, Harbour & Dock Company’ to establish a link with commercial and manufacturing centres in Lancashire and Yorkshire and tourist/travellers from further afield.
  • The line to Fleetwood was the first on the Fylde/Wyre Peninsula, predating that of Blackpool. It was established to accommodate travel between England and Scotland when it was thought unlikely that the network could be eimage004xtended over Shap Summit. The line and terminus at Fleetwood provided a link to Scotland via the Ferry Port to Ardrossan.
  • The earlier station was built in 1865, replacing an earlier ‘Halt’, called Ramper Road (now Victoria Road) situated on the opposite, south side of what is now Victoria Road. It was moved to stop trains obstructing the road when they stopped to disembark large numbers of passengers.
  • There are plans to redevelop the line as a ‘heritage attraction’ by a voluntary group formed for the purpose ‘The Poulton & Wyre Railway Society’.

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