A Study of a Local Village: Wrea Green


This series of tasks were set as part of a short course arranged for Blackpool Heritage Champions, by Blackpool Volunteers Centre. Visits were made to 4 sites in and around Blackpool and the Fylde, namely, Lytham Heritage Centre and Lytham Hall, Wrea Green and St Annes Church, Singleton. At Lytham and St Annes Singleton a Guide was provided to provide a brief history of the site. At Wrea Green we were encouraged to investigate an aspect of the church.

The file attached to the link is a PDF and you will need a PDF Reader. You can download one from here.

A Study of a Local Village: Wrea Green

1 thought on “A Study of a Local Village: Wrea Green

  1. Mike – this is from my own online history of the area, re Westby Brickworks in your study: 1946 – The Westby Brick and Tile Company Limited started business by the clay pit on Annas Road in Peel on the 6th of November. They transformed into Westby Brick Limited who were incorporated on the 13th of January 1983. The company was finally dissolved on the 24th of September 2008, and Woods Waste/FM Waste Management began using the premises and developing the adjacent Westby Landfill Site (landfilling had begun in 1981).

    My site is:https://blackpoolchronology.wordpress.com/2013/02/16/4/

    Nick Moore


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