The Mellings: A lifeboat connection


DSC07670Prior to the installation of the Lifeboat at St Annes, the saving of lives and vessels usually relied on the Fishermen families in St Annes. The Mellings were probably actively engaged in the ‘Lifeboat’ business before there was an official Lifeboat. As well as altruistic motives there was always the prospect of ‘Salvage’. After all, these men had to make a living.

Attached to this page is an account of the contribution made by one St Annes family to the Lifeboat service in that town.

Link to Lifeboat Exploits

3 thoughts on “The Mellings: A lifeboat connection

  1. Hi, my g, great grandmother was Alice Melling born 1858 Lytham, dau of fisherman Joseph Melling born circa 1811 Lytham. ( Joseph married Jane born circa 1821 and they lived at various Lytham locations – Fish Hill, West End and Heyhouses, having at least 9 kids.) I wondered if Joseph was one of the three brothers who lived next door to each other on Mellings Lane and you might know? ( Alice married Samuel parkinson who was buried at Lytham in 1846) Thankyou, Sarah


  2. Hi. Looks like we’re related! I have an extensive family tree for the mellings if that would help. Not sure about the Mellings Lane connection, I know my Grandad, John William lived there. will need to look the Census for the period to find out. Sadly, there are few people to ask now. M


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