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10 thoughts on “About ‘Fylde Coaster’

  1. Hello
    I see you have an article about the 1924 Lytham Train Disaster. Is there anyway I can find out who the deceased were as I think a relative of mine may have been involved?
    Thank you


    • Hi Christine. I dont have that info to hand. However you could look in the local Newspapers – Lytham St Annes Express, the St Annes Library may also have a list of names and some details as well as the Newspapers of the time, or at least the articles. Best of luck. Mike


      • Hi Mike
        Thanks for replying.
        I wish I could check the papers but I’m in Australia so that’s going to be a bit tricky – unless they have them online too, but I’ve not had much luck so far.
        Thanks again I appreciate it.
        Kind regards


      • Hi. Thank you so much. If you do get a chance that would be wonderful – however if you don’t then the thought is still much appreciated. No I’m in no hurry 🙂
        Thanks again, Christine


  2. Hi Christine,
    Amazingly I’ve recently found the deceased names whist researching other info.and just come across your request. Here they are;

    The full list of identified dead is as follows:-

    COMMANDER C. H. GREAME, 29, Lincoln-road, Blackpool.

    EMMA PICKUP, 48, single, weaver, 4, Park-road, Lytham.

    MARGARET PICKUP, 56, single, same address.

    WILLIAM CHARLES CROOKES, enginedriver, 67, Buchanan-street, Blackpool.

    WILLIAM WALSH,. 33, married, weaver, 42, St. Chad’s-road, South Shore,

    MARY MORRISON, 44, weaver, single, 47, Watson’s-lane, South
    Shore, Blackpool.

    ETHEL COX, 32, weaver, single, 151, Central Drive, Blackpool.

    ERNEST TONGE, 46, advertising contractor, 40, Leamington-road,

    ISA GREENWOOD, 21, weaver, single, 30, Thames-road, South Shore,

    ANNE GREENWOOD, 29, weaver, single, sister of Miss Isa Greenwood.

    THOMAS HARTLEY, 10, Montrose-avenue, Blackpool.

    LESLIE DAWSON, 104, Church-road, Blackpool.

    ERNEST PICKUP, goods clerk at Kirkham Station, 11, Hall-avenue, South
    Shore, Blackpool.

    In addition over 30 persons have been injured, but only three of them
    very seriously. They are the following:-

    Mr. H. OLDHAM, 107, St. Helens-road, Blackpool, injuries to legs and
    arms. [MAB Note: Mr. Oldham died on 6 November, bringing the death toll
    to 14.]

    Mr. R. H. Hull, 11, All Saints-road, St. Annes, shock.

    Mrs. RICHARDSON, 14, Eaves-street, North Shore, Blackpool, injuries to
    head and back.

    weblink: http://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/forums/white-star-line/25463-news-1924-bardic-aground-lizard.html


    • Hi AMC. A million thanks. The info on the Lytham Rail Disaster casualties is really interesting. Sadly, this posting only shows up on the ‘About’ page. May I use the information to extend my original posting? I also have some more info about Capt Graeme taken from Newspaper reports of the Bardic going aground. CdrMike

      Liked by 1 person

      • Of course you can Mike! I found this completely by chance but obviously the connection is to White Star re: Capt. Graeme, so that’s why it was on their site. Hopefully Christine will see this soon…


      • Hi Mike, I’ve replied on the about page but I just wanted to tell you that I’m Anne Salmon (as was) from the college c.1980. We met at the library recently – do you remember? I’m actually researching South Shore and that’s how I came across this weblink…no idea how! Anyway, I’m hoping to publish a book, eventually, and I’m gathering as much info as I can about SS past. If you have any interesting snippets/photos/links about the area would you share them with me? I’m still in the early stages yet and it’ll be next year before I get down to seriously compiling things – thought you might be a useful contact to have on my list – what do you think? Hope you’re well and enjoying life? (am sure you are!). I still need to find out about the Eating Inn on the prom so I’m going to go in and ask them as soon as I get chance – I absolutely love this research, just hope I can get it into print one day! Regards Anne

        Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2015 19:11:47 +0000 To: annecharlesworth@hotmail.com


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